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Wisconsin for Environmental Justice is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to seeking redress for the destructive impacts of human-caused global warming on behalf of Wisconsin communities. We will focus on public education and a relationship with the fossil fuel industry via a state lawsuit, enabling us to work together to solve and heal environmental damage caused by their industry using their funds. 

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  • W4EJ is an issue-focused coalition of individuals and organizations from across the state petitioning the State of Wisconsin to file a lawsuit against the focus fuel industry. Further, we urge Cities and Counties across the state to legal action against the fossil fuel industry.  By taking this action, Wisconsin will join 26 other state, county, and city governments in a national effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for its deceitful actions.

  • W4EJ seeks to inform the citizens of Wisconsin of the need for these actions by clarifying the link between fossil fuel emissions and the climate change we experience in our daily lives.

  • This action is an attempt to get the attention of the fossil fuel industry through monetary damages, forcing them to be part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem. 

  • We know the challenge is great, but we are committed to achieving environmental justice, and the future of the plant is at stake.



Dean Muller


Karen Ingvoldstad
Vice President


Joanne Lange



Melissa Muller
Grant Writing


Brady Coulthard
Digital + Media


Bob Hanson - Chair, Veterans for Peace

Chris Larson - Wisconsin State Senator
Dr. Philip Blank - Meteorologist
Walter Wilson - FAIA NOMA
Christopher Cox
Bill  Lange - 
Retired Prof.of Philosophy/Sociology, Univ.Mayor de San Simon,Cochabamba, Bolivia & social activist
Djade Denson - Civil Engineer
Omie Baldwin - Board Chair Emeritus, Farley Center
Jeanne Prochnow  
Julilly Kohler -
Former District Attorney
Peter McAvoy - Environmental Law
Tom Seery - Attorney, Former State Legislator  
Dr. George T. Stone - Professor MATC Earth Sciences and Geology   
George Meyer - Former DNR Secretary
Tony Wilkin GibartEnvironmental Law
Rev. Jonathan Barker - Pastor Grace Lutheran, Kenosha, WI; Author, Jesus Would Demand a Green New Deal
Corey Riday-White - Managing Attorney, Center for Climate Integrity
Paul DeMain - Environmental Activist
Rev. Greg Lewis - President, Souls to Polls WI
Patrica McFarland - President, Retiree Chapter MATC Local AFT-212 
Antonio Butts - Ex. Dir., Walnut Way Conservation Corp.
Brady Coulthard - Small Business Owner, Political and Media Strategist
Jim Santelle - Of Counsel
Andre Walton - Ex. Dir. Our Wisconsin Revolution
Tim Cordon - Building Unity Wisconsin

"Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty, The objective is an environment of decency, quality, and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures." -Gaylord Nelson

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